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A Tradition of Trust

There are some things a Mom (and Dad) just know, like what to do when their little ones are feeling under the weather. For over 50 years, parents have relied on TriaminicTriaminic® for children's cough, cold, flu and allergy symptoms.


Using Triaminic® Products Safely

Dosage, Ingredients, Safety and More

Use formulations specially developed for your child's age group. Contact your doctor for additional information. Do not give adult medicine to children. Only a parent or caregiver should give a child medicine.

Children should never take medicine without supervision.

Always read the directions on the label before administering.

Never give your child more than the indicated dose, and do not use in conjunction with other medications unless advised by a doctor or pharmacist.

Always use as directed.

Storing Medicine

Keep all prescription and over the counter drugs out of reach of children.

Keep medicine in its original container and keep the instructions.

Always use the dosing device provided with the product.

Store medicine according to the information on the label. Medicines should not be refrigerated unless the label so directs.

Questions and Information

If you have general questions about Triaminic® products, contact the Triaminic Clinic at 1-800-KIDS-987.

Good to know: Cold, Cough, Flu & Allergy Info

Looking for tips to prevent colds and coughs? Want information on Triaminic product safety? Find what you need, plus the answers to the most-asked questions from other Moms, on these pages: