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A Tradition of Trust

There are some things a Mom (and Dad) just know, like what to do when their little ones are feeling under the weather. For over 50 years, parents have relied on Triaminic® products for children's cough, cold, flu and allergy symptoms.


About Triaminic — the trusted brand of children's medicine for over 50 years

Triaminic® was originally formulated in 1956 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

  • Original Triaminic liquids,
    circa 1958
  • Triaminic liquids,
    circa 1986
  • Triaminic liquids,

The original product lineup included:

  • Triaminic® Syrups (for Cold & Allergy)
  • Triaminic® Expectorant (for Chest & Nasal Congestion)
  • Triaminic® DM (for Long Acting Cough)

Triaminic news

Here you can find important news and developments about Triaminic® products, plus an archive of past items.